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Veneers and newer cosmetic crowns are porcelain and zirconium fixtures made to look like natural teeth. People have always needed and desired to have their teeth remodeled. Thanks to advances in dental materials, at Baseline Dental Practice we can restore teeth to a natural and beautiful smile.

People in the past have been very cautious about having crowns done on their front teeth. Old techniques and sloppy dentistry has given crowns and even veneers a bad name. Because cosmetic crowns look natural, most people only notice when crowns and veneers have been done poorly. The truth is everywhere you look, from actors to friends and family, people have veneers and cosmetic crowns to restore their smile. When done by dentists who have mastered their craft, you may never notice who actually has had cosmetic work on their teeth.

Veneers and cosmetic crowns are made to last a lifetime, however, in some cases they may need to be replaced years down the road. Crowns and veneers must be cared for as though they were your original teeth.

Reasons for porcelain veneers or cosmetic crowns:

Recreate a beautiful smile.
Align crooked teeth without the need of braces.
Reform misshapen teeth.
Provide consistent natural white coloration of stained teeth.
Resize small or large teeth
Fill unwanted spaces between teeth.
Strengthen worn down or chipped teeth.

What is the process of getting a veneer or crown?

To provide space for a new tooth with an even bite and optimal cosmetics, the dentist reduces the tooth about a millimeter and a half in every direction. Patients receive sufficient anesthesia so they do not experience discomfort. To get a more esthetic and natural appearance we send an impression of your mouth to a lab renowned for cosmetic results. You will leave the office with a temporary crown until your final custom crown or veneer is fabricated. In a few weeks, the lab sends back a veneer that will provide you with a natural smile.

Before attaching your veneer or crown, the dentist will check its fit and approve the cosmetic look of the veneer. Upon the dentist's and your approval we bond the tooth permanently into place. At Baseline Dental Practice, we understand that a beautiful smile is always in style. We want to provide Rancho Cucamonga with beautiful smiles.